CSR report and Annual report 2013

Enjoyable and responsible gaming

Veikkaus games offer Finns excitement, entertainment and a chance for dreams to come true. Responsibility is the key to the joy of gaming. At Veikkaus, responsibility is a priority throughout the process, from ethical game development to reliable prize payout. Although gaming is restricted to adults only, gaming proceeds bring joy to all Finns. Read more>

Solid performance despite challenges

Veikkaus continued to pursue determined development efforts. Key priority areas included digital business, cost-efficiency, and responsibility and reliability across the board. Despite the challenging economic environment, Veikkaus was able to increase the return it generates for society. Read more>

Key figures

avainluku_a_eng.gif avainluku_b_eng.gif avainluku_c_eng.gif avainluku_d_eng.gif
  • Development of the turnover Development of the turnover
  • Development of financial profit Development of financial profit
  • Distribution of Veikkaus funds Distribution of Veikkaus funds
  • Breakdown of one Veikkaus euro Breakdown of one Veikkaus euro

Beneficiary stories

Veikkaus funds are used to support Finnish arts, sports, science, and youth work for nearly EUR 10 million every week. The videos on the right shed light on what different things are accomplished by using Veikkaus funds. Read more>