CSR report and Annual report 2013

Veikkaus has more than 1.5 million registered customers

Playing as a registered customer is the best way to enjoy Veikkaus games. Registered gaming is available using a Veikkaus card at points of sale, on Veikkaus' website, by mobile phone or using a tablet computer. Registered gaming includes tangible benefits, such as direct payment of prizes with no risk to the player's own gaming account. At the end of the year, Veikkaus had 1.54 million (+5.1%) registered customers.

Players who have registered as Veikkaus customers have access to an excellent set of tools for managing their own gaming and monitoring their gaming history, via the web service veikkaus.fi. Another concrete benefit for registered customers is the Loyal Customer Programme, which offers a broad range of customer benefits, including discounts on events and the weekly Loyal Customer Draws.

Loyal customer benefits at beneficiary events

The Loyal Customer Programme is an important part of Veikkaus' business strategy, which emphasises the importance of customer relationships. This programme is designed to enhance customer loyalty and to communicate the importance of Veikkaus' operations to society.

It includes weekly Loyal Customer Draws, in which customers can participate online or by text message. A total of 52 Loyal Customer Draws were arranged during the year under review. In addition, 18 customer draws of other kinds were arranged. Most loyal customer benefits are linked to Veikkaus' beneficiaries. Prizes in Loyal Customer Draws have included a VIP trip to the ice hockey world championships in Stockholm, an evening at the Jussi Gala, and a ticket to the Savonlinna Opera Festival.

The various draws held attracted a total of 2.7 million participants during the year. The Loyal Customer Draw attracted almost 300,000 registered Veikkaus customers.

The Veikkaus card entitles its holder to discounts at museums and sports events, and to theatre and movie tickets.

In 2012, Veikkaus tested a new way of rewarding its loyal customers: a VIP Programme. After the completion of a pilot programme, Veikkaus took further action to enhance the customer experience, as part of the Loyal Customer Programme intended for all registered customers.

Excellent customer satisfaction rate

In November 2013, Veikkaus commissioned an extensive customer satisfaction survey. This survey addressed areas such as the Veikkaus card subscription, customer calls at various gaming venues, and customers' thoughts on Veikkaus' direct marketing. The survey showed that overall customer satisfaction with Veikkaus and its services remained largely unchanged from the previous year. Of the respondents, 92 per cent were very or fairly satisfied with Veikkaus' operations in general.

The differences between various customer groups were insignificant. The satisfaction rate was slightly higher among young adults (aged 18–29). Customers showing the highest satisfaction rates were typically regular players of Veikkaus games.

The customer satisfaction survey also investigated customers' satisfaction with the veikkaus.fi online service and the m.veikkaus.fi mobile site. As in the previous year, satisfaction with the website was excellent. Of all website users, 96 per cent were very or fairly satisfied, and of all mobile site users 80 per cent were very or fairly satisfied with the service.

A new question in the survey concerned the characteristics considered most important for a gaming company and Veikkaus' performance in these areas. Reliability and responsibility were considered the most important characteristics. Of all respondents, 61 per cent felt that Veikkaus' performance was excellent in terms of reliability and 34 per cent felt that Veikkaus had performed well. In terms of responsibility, 85 per cent of respondents felt that Veikkaus had performed very or fairly well.