CSR report and Annual report 2013

Responsibility the key to the joy of gaming

Successful operations can only be based on a wide customer base and general acceptance of gaming. We want to offer our customers a range of entertaining and responsible games, in other words to meet our customers' expectations while ensuring that any harm related to gaming is minimised.

Veikkaus can help to prevent gaming-related harm. In all of its operations, Veikkaus is required to assess the ethical aspects and responsibility of its actions from various perspectives. Veikkaus offers a versatile set of tools for reducing gaming-related harm; gaming is restricted and players are offered means of ensuring self-control.

Veikkaus fulfils the requirements related to the exclusive right it has been granted, by promoting responsible gaming. The achievement of our business objectives requires a well-deserved, responsible corporate image. We strive for steady profit growth, which will secure our beneficiaries' operational prerequisites in the long term.

Responsibility is important to stakeholders and Veikkaus

Within Veikkaus, the Executive Team is responsible for specifying the focus areas of Corporate Social Responsibility. The company management has defined guidelines for CSR and evaluated their importance to Veikkaus' success. The Executive Team has also identified various focal sections of CSR, assessing their importance to both the company and stakeholders.

The figure below presents various CSR perspectives from the viewpoint of stakeholders and Veikkaus. It illustrates the themes and

issues that are central to social responsibility at Veikkaus. The figure provides a basis for CSR and helps to identify key issues in responsibility reporting.